Vocational education is a complex and multi-layer matter and the Berufliche Schule Pinneberg works together with a number of different organisations to ensure optimal opportunities at all levels.

As dual vocational training is the main focus of our college, we work together closely with all examination boards like the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts, Medical Associations, the Bar Association or the Chamber of Tax Consultants and more.

Our college has its own but independent non-profit charity. We are grateful to all donors who help to bridge gaps in public funding that may occur due to special projects, individual emergencies, new developments, etc. For example some special sports equipment could be purchased or study trips abroad and student exchanges were financially supported. (Förderverein)

International experience has become an essential part of vocational training and our international partners help us supply several opportunities. A large number of students – mainly from business administration, but also from social services – have had the chance to do a 3-week internship in English or Irish companies which we could offer in cooperation with the German National Agency for Erasmus and our partner KulturLife gGmbH in Kiel. We also appreciated the support of the National Erasmus Agency for our international teacher training. Moreover, we have worked together with the East Sussex College in Eastbourne (former Sussex Downs College) for many years, where several hundreds of our students enjoyed customized intensive business English training. We have also cooperated with vocational colleges in France. (international)

 The local youth job center supports our students in full-time education with counselling on career choices, internships or applications. The job centre also supplies extra coaching and tuition for students who need a bit of additional support to reach their preferred qualifications.


We are proud to say that the quality of our tuition, facilities, structures and procedures is regularly certified by CERTQUA, a German examination board for quality management systems in vocational training and adult further education.



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