Approximately 170 fully qualified teachers work at the Berufliche Schule Pinneberg, most of them in the Business and Administration Department. In order to fully qualify each teacher usually studies for 5-6 years at university two subjects, e. g. economics and English, plus educational science. Afterwards a 1.5-year practical preparatory training at a vocational college must be completed. The Berufliche Schule offers this preparatory service to roughly a dozen trainee teachers, who are assisted by two senior members of staff each and attend additional seminars at other vocational colleges throughout the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Many members of staff have served an apprenticeship / traineeship themselves for hands-on job experience before qualifying as a teacher.

All teaching staff are employed by the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein. Most senior employees are “Beamte”, which means they have a valid employment contract with the Federal state for their entire working life and cannot be made redundant.

Students who need extra help can turn to our two social workers or our school psychologist. Individual advice is available to immigrant students through a specialized team of coaches.

A big college like ours can only provide good service with the support of the non-tuition staff. Two IT-specialists take care of all hardware and software issues of school IT-equipment. There are approximately 15 members of staff in the administrative sector and in maintenance services like facility management, housekeeping, gardening, etc.

Most of the additional staff are employed by the Pinneberg County, i. e. they are civil servants, too.



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